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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why light days?

Ok guys, some of you may come in (or not come in) today and think why is it that we're just practicing hspu for 10 min and then practice something else. That's very vague and lazy of coach.
Well there is a reason for the days like today. Fact is we can not push ourselves 100% day in and day out. That's why the program varies with strength work, long endurance, intervals, skill days, etc. All of these things except the skill day are very taxing, it works for a while b/c it is constantly varied so you stay pretty fresh but every now and then you need to let your mind rest from the clock, rest from the weight, and just focus on skill or technique. This helps your body recover and hopefully come back more hungry the next day to crush whatever task is at hand then.

For instance, I'm taking a full week off now that I'm done competing for a bit. My muscles have recovered from the weekend, I'm not sore anymore. But am I ready to train with good intensity? not at all. I'm giving my body and mind time to recover from the weekend. Part of my mind is more hungry than ever to get back to train for 2012 but the other part is not ready to suffer through a metcon right now. I need time to relax and I'm going to take this week off and then spend some time just lifting heavy weight and working on raw conditioning, very little time on true "CF Metcons" for a while.

Always be better than yesterday! even if that means rest!

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