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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Athlete of the Month/CrossFit Pain and Intensity

Athlete of the Month: Matt Dennis- PR's set this month: 185 Split Jerk, 1st Muscle Up, 3:38-1000m Row TT
Great work Matt keep up the work!

Why does CrossFit work? Anyone who has experienced results from CrossFit or seen some of the top athletes perform CrossFit workouts should know most of the answer to this question. Yes, the magic is in the movements, functional movements will make anyone stronger and have a higher work capacity, but intensity is where you really see results.

If you have never pushed to the point of having to lay down after a workout you haven't experienced that "other level" of CrossFit Pain. Yesterday, the 1000m row time trial made several clients experience even a knew level of pain. At least 4 people in the afternoon group experienced cramping in the legs after this TT. This shows the importance of proper nutrition, take note of what you ate, how much you slept, and how stressful your day was when you experience this type of pain. Make adjustments and learn from it.

Next week we will be showing "Every Second Counts" the video of the 2008 CrossFit Games to help motivate Tyler and I for the next weekend. The games have progressed a lot from 2008 but this will give you all a taste of what we will be going through next weekend. Hope all of you can come to Huntsville, we would love the support.