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Sunday, October 10, 2010

She said YES!!!

About a year ago I met Reagan Tisdale at a college retreat called the "Journey". On December 10th we went on our first date. Those of you who know me and my personality well pretty much knew after that night I knew who I was going to marry.
That night we went to Canton to look at the Christmas lights. While we were down there walking around the square a man on a bike rode up to us and told us his story and asked for help. I gave him the cash I had on me and told him we would pray for him. He rode off and we prayed out loud for him and his family.
We knew that God was extremely present in our relationship at this time, this moment has been very significant in our lives for numerous reasons. Not to mention after he rode off and I looked in her eyes I KNEW she was the one for me.
Skipping forward to October 8, we were going to eat with my parents in Canton. We park and walk around to the spot on the square where we met our bike friend, we stopped and I prayed for him, his family, and then for us and our future. (the plan was to talk to her after the prayer and then propose) I said amen and immediately got down on a knee and asked if I could lead her for the rest of her life and if she would marry me.... and she said YEESSSS!!!
My parents and her parents got out of a friends car where they had been watching and came and surprised her. After lots of hugs, kisses, and pictures (and slurred sentences, Reagan was having a little trouble putting words together) we headed home for many new surprises of brothers, sisters, best friends, and clients.
We want to thank you all for your support already and thank God for you also. Please pray for us and for God to continue His work in us. We do not want this to be about us. God is in charge, God deserves all the Glory. We want all of our actions and words to be giving Him glory. Pray for wisdom, patience, peace, knowledge, and guidance in our hearts and minds.


  1. Did anyone else notice the cross behind Reagan in the background??? And some say there is no God.... I think I see a "Marriage Talk" in your futures!! Love you guys!!

  2. I did NOT notice that. God is so big and so in control we have no idea!! Thank goodness He is bigger and greater than us!

  3. Love seeing this picture and reading your story! (Just had to physically detach Rachel from the computer to get ready for school as she was glued to it with this silly grin on her face - ha!) We're sooo excited for y'all and are praying for your marriage....can't wait to see more of how God will be glorified through you!