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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


A. Press @ 50% 1RM- 9 x 3 reps afap; EMOM
B. Hang Squat Clean @ 70% effort- 5 x 5 every 2nd minute- focus on speed out of the bottom
Air Dyne Sprint- 25 sec all out; rest 2:35 x 5

We are going to do the same thing Friday with the Open workout. Let me know if you liked how it was organized. Do you want it more organized than last week with "heats" or just leave it as first come first serve (I will go in the first group AT EXACTLY 4:30 unless y'all want me to go later, I like training earlier than later but I'll go later if you want). Post to comments your thoughts.

Also, we're going to try cooking out @ the gym after the wod friday night. I'm going to bring my grill up there and it's going to be "bring your own meat" and we'll provide the rest!

Again, post thoughts to comments!

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