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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Open WOD 12.3 comes out Wednesday night, this is the 3rd work out of the CrossFit Games qualifier. My schedule has been messed up the last 2 weekends so we haven't been able to make a big deal about it. This week I want to try to get a lot of people up to the gym on Friday afternoon to watch people do the workout.
I'm going to do the WOD AT 4:30 if a couple of people want to join me they can and then we will have the rest of the afternoon for everyone to do the WOD and if you can stay up there and cheer people on! I would love for a bunch of people to come up there from 4:30 to about 6 on friday afternoon to do and watch people do this workout. Even if you come to the morning classes you can hopefully come back or just come to the afternoon for this one day.

We will NOT be doing the wod in the normal classes thursday this week, friday instead. If you need to do it earlier that is fine but as a group we're doing it thursday.

Again, we'd love to have a great showing Friday night to help those of us competing and cheer us on! We may even go eat after, paleo of course!

Thursday training
MAP Training
2 sets
3 min @ high consistent aerobic effort
2 min rest
3 min @ high...
5 Push Ups
10 Box Jumps, 30/24" step down
2 min rest
3 min @ high...
Air Dyne

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