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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Skill + Strength + MAP

Ok guys today is a little touch of a few different things. Skill training which should not be too taxing just trying to get better. Strength work, today working on pull up strength trying to either get that first pull up or a muscle up or something like that. Lastly, is the MAP training or Max Aerobic Power Training. Generally a 1:1 work:rest ration which is exactly what we're touching on today with running. Remember MAP training is Aerobic training which translates to sustainable pace so all 400's should be same time within 2-5 seconds. Work on good pacing, not too slow either!

Hand Stand Walking Practice 10 min (scaled to hand stand practice if that needs work)

Strict Chin Ups @ 30x0- take 10 min to build to a 3RM in weight
(scaled to 5 sets of negatives, accumulate 40 seconds of TUT, time under tension, per set)

15 min amrap
Run 400m; rest 1:1
ex: Run 400m in 70 sec; rest 70 sec; run again; rest again til 15 min is up
(as long as the clock is under 15 min you can start your last 400m, you do NOT have to be DONE with the 400m by 15 min)

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