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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Ok guys, sorry it's been a bit longer than I expected to get to sit down and write my thoughts about recent programming/testing/training that all of you have been going through at 27:17. First off I'd like to say EVERYONE is doing great!

The training has been harder lately. Reality is that good training is painful, Energy System training is painful. And most of all when you are trained and prepared for a TEST, it can be very painful!
As most of you know MOST of our days are "training". This means it is preparing us for those test days. Just like a football team practices or trains daily to prepare for the game (test) 1 day a week or however often depending on the sport. Lactate training hurts as most of you know. It forces you to push very hard, rest and repeat. This is where you learn where your redline is and really how hard you can push.
MAP training (max aerobic power) is not that painful. It is a sustainable effort. This is where you should really focus on your breathing and learning your different paces. Pacing is very important in CF. We all know a 5 min test pace is much different than your pace for a 20 min pace. MAP training intensity was explained to me recently like this. "You should always be thinking to yourself, Can I sprint right now if I had to? If the answer is yes then stay at that pace, if the answer is no then slow down a bit"

Now on the testing. All I basically want to say is you guys have been doing great! The Airdyne, burpee, KBS wod last week went great. Even if you weren't pleased about your times, I saw way beyond your times. I saw a group of athletes that pushed themselves to a limit that normally is not reached. And I would venture to say MOST of you had not been to that painful place in training before 3 months ago. But the way we have been training has been teaching you. So don't always worry about your time. Worry about your EFFORT!

Which leads me to my next point. I hear a good bit of complaining going on in the gym. And we joke around about it a good bit and it's all fun to an extent. But I some point it does get under my skin a little bit. The reason I do what I do (train to compete and train others) is b/c I believe it is God's gift to me. Without going to much into that I want to throw something out there for you to think about. EVERYONE at 27:17 has the gift of being healthy, EVERYONE! Yes some people don't seem healthy at times and others have certain injuries but we ALL have working bodies that know how to work hard and eat right. Whether we do that or not is OUR CHOICE. I'm not asking you to go 100% paleo and start focusing on competing and quit having fun in the gym. But I am asking you to stop and think next time you start to complain or feel sorry for yourself b/c you're not as good as the person next to you. Stop and think about how blessed you are to live where you do, to be fortunate enough to have the money to pay, fortunate enough to have a choice on how healthy you can be, think about how blessed you are that you CAN do a squat, you CAN do a push up, you CAN do a pull up, and etc. You CAN do anything you want. b/c you have a brain that works and 4 limbs that work! Whether you "scale" it or not it doesn't matter b/c you are BLESSED beyond measure!

Coach Mike

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