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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Final Recap on CF Games Sectionals

Well guys the weekend is over and I believe it was an overall success. Tyler and I both struggled through the final event on sunday which was the Run/Pull up WOD. We both had cramping problems (we think this is just a direct relation to not running enough in our training). But overall we both still felt very confident with our training and felt good going into the final wod. If you don't know today's final wod was:

15 minutes as many reps as possible

5 Hand Stand Push Ups

7 Squat Snatch, 95#

10 Box Jumps, 20"

Tyler felt good going in but a little concerned about his shoulders. Turns out he absolutely killed it, his shoulders were solid the whole way through and everyone was amazed and how solid his technique was throughout the whole workout. He performed 8 rounds and 4 hand stand push ups (locked out about 5 at the end but his feet fell off the wall before reaching lockout). This great performance (7th in this event) moved him from 24th to 18th overall.

I felt good also going into the last wod and knew what I needed to do to stay top 15 (I was 13 going into sunday) I finished 8 rounds + 5 HSPU's and 3 Snatches. This put me at 4th in this event and 10th overall at the end of the weekend.

I am very proud of the way Tyler and I represented. As you all know we are a team and we could never have performed this well without the motivation of each other as training partners.

Proverbs 27:17 "As iron shapens iron, so one man sharpens another"

Lastly, I want to say thank you for everyone's support. Most importantly, I want to first thank my parents, Thomas, Reagan, Mrs. Jerrye Tisdale (Reagan's mom), and Kenley (Tyler's wife). We definitely could not have done it without their hands on support. They were right in front of us on every workout and in between workouts to give us anything we could possibly need (mainly words of encouragement).

Next, I want to thank all of the supporters from Versus Strength and Conditioning from Hattiesburg and CrossFit Hattiesburg. You guys and girls were such a huge encouragement for Tyler and I.

Last but definitely not least, I want to thank all of my clients that were continually checking in and encouraging us. You have no idea what it means to me to have your support through out this journey. I was almost brought to tears after the final event with my fan base that was there just knowing how proud my clients would be and how thankful I am for Tyler and I representing CrossFit 27:17 so well. I can not thank you enough for your support.

Hopefully one night this week or next I will have a video put together we can watch at the gym and have a cookout and tell you all about the experience Tyler and I had.

Now I need your support as I continue my journey towards Regional Qualifiers. Please keep me in check on my diet, training, recovery, etc. It may seem like this is always easy for me but you guys are one of the biggest things that keep me motivated so keep up the great support!

Again thank you so much!


  1. WOOOHOOOO!!! You two did awesome!!! Congratulations! I have been going to this site and the Games site all weekend to find out how you guys were doing! You're both an inspiration. Congratulations to you both again and look forward to hearing your first-hand accounts!

  2. Michael,
    Fantastic job this weekend. I volunteered and entered the scores for both days and you were consistently at the top of the heap with a handful of other guys. Congrats and best of luck in Jacksonville.

    John from Tupelo