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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Never been accused of being too smart.. still not sure how safe this is..?

Update on my training. Here is a template of my weekly training for the next 4 weeks which will consist of High Volume and Medium Intensity. More explanation on that just ask..

I will be following 3 on/1 off/2 on/ 1 off. Basically resting on monday and friday.

Monday- rest
Tuesday- A.M. Long Slow Distance (LSD) Run- 20-30 minutes
P.M. Heavy Olympic Lifting
Wednesday- A.M. Squat (any variation) Heavy
P.M. Metcon lasting longer than 15 minutes (if last longer than 25 minutes no squats this day)
Thursday- A.M. Speed Dead Lifts and Posterior chain assistance work
P.M. MetCon with run or row involved (8-15 mintues)
Friday- rest
Saturday- A.M. run/row/bike sprints (short w/ full recovery focusing on speed)
Noon. Speed Squats or Olympic Lifting
P.M. 8-15 minute MetCon (most likely with O-Lifting involved)
Sunday- A.M. Heavy pull from the ground (any variation of a slow lift)
P.M. 2 sub 10 minute metcons w/ 5-10 minutes rest b/w

*First Micro cycle- heavy days are 5 reps or more
*Speed days mean exactly that, DON'T go heavy!
*Mix sled work in at least 1-2x per week
*Mix core work (hip flexion focused) in 2x per week

Weeks 5-7 will be High Volume/High Intensity
Weeks 8-9 Moderate Volume/High Intensity
Week 10- Low Volume/Low Intensity

Post comments/concerns/advice please...

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