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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Garage Games event- Coach's eye

We had the MS CrossFit's Crossroads Garage Games this weekend. I chose not to participate and take the Coaches position for the weekend. We had several competitors participating. I'm not going to right a long post on this but I just wanted to touch on it. It is VERY different being on this side of the competition. I really enjoyed it. There are a couple of athletes I have that I have recently started personal programming for and it was neat seeing them out there compete. I had a different since of care about there performance.

I was very impressed with ALL of my athletes who competed. No matter what place they came in I know they gave everything they had! They left it out there and that's all you can ask for as a coach. I fully believe in the motto- Full Effort = Full Victory!
So proud of all of the 27:17 athletes!

Next, it was different hearing myself say all of my own thoughts that I have going into workouts to another competitor to help them. This helped me as a coach b/c I was watching the performances from EVERYONE for a different reason. I was not just watching who finished first. I was watching for- why are they stopping? what is causing them to stop? breathing? muscle fatigue? technique? how bad are the fighting? did they pace enough? too much? I really learned a lot about being a coach and an athlete I think. I hope my athletes learned not only from what I had to say to them before and after events but also from there performances.

Lastly, I hope my athletes learned a little bit about there character this weekend. When you compete in an event like this or anything for that matter, you MUST, absolutely must understand that this DOES NOT DEFINE you! For my sake, I'm a christian and CHRIST defines me, if your not then I'm not sure what does define you but it's not a little competition in ridgeland MS. Competition is in the end for fun and for growth, not only as an athlete but as a character, as a man or women!
If you can't accept failure then you'll never achieve success!

Again, extremely proud of everyone who competed and those of you who did BETTER TAKE A REST DAY or 2!

Coach Mike

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