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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011's end 2012 new beginning

12/31/11 New Years Eve Wod

Guys vs Girls
3 rounds
12 Prowler Sprints
31 Tire Flips
11 Rope Climbs

Ok guys 2011 is coming to an end and I am going to make an attempt at recapping. Instead of going over all the events we did this year I'm going to just write a BIG THANK YOU!

First THANKS goes to my most wonderful wife Reagan McElroy! She is the most supportive wife I can imagine. After getting married in April our journey together has grown in Christ. She has supported me through many crazy competitions and been my personal nurse! Would not have made it to the level of fitness I have w/o her. She is my biggest fan and I wouldn't want it any other way! Also, she sticks with me and supports me when I talk about my crazy dreams with the gym, and even confirms me with confidence that we can get there! She is always there to help plan and organize and make list b/c she knows I won't do it or even get it done! Thank you Reagan I love you!

Next just b/c it's fresh on my mind after making stones today! I want to thank the Mr. Fixit guys we have at the gym, namely Bill McBride, Jeff McDaniel, Dewayne Hammons. Anything that even needs to be fixed at the gym (or my house) and they have been there to fix it for me or at least tell me how (if it's simple enough for me)

Some females, well we'll just go ahead and put the whole 8:30 class in this category for opening my eyes to a WHOLE new world out there, aka estrogen! They hold nothing back! But on a serious note, just to name a few, Michelle Robinson & Marty Bell (my crossfit mom's, no this doesn't mean you're old!), Michelle McDaniel, Kelly McBride these ladies keep me on my feet whether it's cleaning the gym or letting me know about something in the gym that needs changing or adjusting to make it better, they give me an honest client point of view on things I may not see. They're always there to help with whatever I need and whatever I need organizing or planning.

Chris Gordan and Tony Wright, always there to ask me questions just in case I haven't heard it the first few times. Always going to ask my opinion on their running strategy for a marathon, whether they listen or not is another story.

Lauren Mashburn always there to show us what it means to put forth as much effort as possible
Full Effort = Full Victory Lauren, remember that!

Luke Chamblee always there to show us what the PERFECT form is, great to have someone of this caliber in our gym.

Bob McElroy and Guy Reedy- just b/c we have to have someone that can do a pull up w/ more weight than they can dead lift

Brad Tisdale and Blake Hines get cutest couple award! and seriously most encouraging!

Mario Gonzalez and Vicky Phillips for the people who could still run a mile if they broke both legs, running on their hands is just as easy.

April Solloway for the gluten-free folks out there, may just be me and you April but glad you're around!

Mitchell and Natalie, well don't really have anything, just wish you would show your face!

(back to serious)
Ann McElroy, the real mom behind this sick-minded leader of yours, thanks for EVERYTHING she does behind that scenes that I absolutely could not do without! I love you

Joseph Johnson, he's the guy to go to if your trying to catch up on the latest CrossFit schwag!

Jennifer, Leigh Ellen, Tina, Ashley.. well get these 4 together and your just going to be smiling most of the time!

Grayson Mashburn behind the mysteriously funny face in the gym that comes out on Facebook when you least expect it.

Hannah Causey calling you dude wether your a dude or not!
*anyone who wants to add to this list and funny remarks about your fellow clients add to the comments!

There's a bunch more but to many to name them all by name. To ALL of my clients @ CrossFit 27:17 thank you for a tremendous year. Better than I could have ever imagined for my 3rd year in business. So much more is to come in the next year and it will be so much fun!

Most of all I thank Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, the Founder and Perfecter of my faith, also the Founder and will be the Perfecter of CF 27:17. He has blessed us beyond belief and I pray He continues.

To another amazing year! Onward!

Thank you!

Coach Mike
your fearless leader

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