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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year New Stuff @ the gym

2011 is coming to an end and what a great year it has been! We moved into the new space in February and have been going hard ever since. A lot of great clients have come in the door, many great friendships have been made, and so much other good stuff that I may not even know about has gone on thanks to all of you! I'm really excited about 2012, I think we have some really good things in store for the gym and all the members. Things are going to get bigger, better, and more structured. Speaking of being more structured. The On Ramp is going to be a little different.

New On Ramp Details
1st EVERYONE must come do an ASSESSMENT w/ me before starting the On Ramp. In the assessment we will look at your lifestyle, where you're coming from, your training/athletic background, illnesses or injuries, what your goals are, where your nutrition is, body comp if desired, and more!
From there I will send the new client to the On Ramp (still a month long program meeting on Mon and Thurs nights at 7) or to the Elements class which is 1 on 1 classes w/ me.

The On Ramp will be $125, which includes assessment, this will be for the majority of people which are pretty out of shape are are completely unfamiliar with all the movements.

The Elements class will be for people who are in decent shape and have done a lot of the movements before. This way they can get into the classes quicker. Each Elements class is $35 and it will range from 3-5 classes depending on the clients abilities. Assessment included

Send perspective client this:
Then next On Ramp is starting January 9th Monday! If you sign up and come get your assessment BEFORE Jan 6th it will be $25 off! Start your new year off right and come join the CF 27:17 family!

Current members.. for every client you bring in to start Jan 9th On Ramp YOU get 10% off next months dues! Make sure client refers to you when they sign up!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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