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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Don't forget to sign up for Paleo Challenge and Nutrition Consultation!

Don't forget to sign up for your consultation or at least don't hesitate to ask any questions about your training or nutrition.

Friday afternoon class times will be 5 p.m. only. It is a slimmer crowd usually on friday so until we need more classes this will be the only available time (there's much more energy in the gym when there's 3 people at once rather than 3 people at 3 different times)

This saturday we will have class at Noon if anyone is interested. Please let me know ahead of time if you'll be attending the saturday class.

Now enough with the business jargon. Take a look at this picture and stop and think. Have you ever thought about the achievements that go on every day at CrossFit 27:17? In this particular picture we have two guys who weight approximately 180 and they are dead lifting either 185 or 225 for 45 total reps and doing Hand Stand Push Ups for a total of 45 reps; all well under 10 minutes. Now some people may say well 225lbs is not that strong for a dead lift (not considering the reps) While this may be true for whoever is saying this, chances are they probably can't even think about getting into a handstand.

I just want everyone to take a minute and look back on what all they have accomplished in their time here at the CF box, I'm going to list just a few but this is definitely not near all of them.

Wally Wells- 17yr old at about 140lbs can deadlift 335 and do a muscle up. (His first max dead lift was 155 and he could not do a pull up to start.

Cynthia Thompson- First female to dead lift over 200lbs!

Michelle Robinson- Could not do a push up when we started, now 5 months later is doing pull ups!

Sally Cohen- 60 yr old recovering from back surgery and do a Full Range of Motion OverHead Squat with 30lbs!

Clark Wells- Threw up on baseline on day 1 and didn't finish, now has a 500m row time of 1:31

Congratulations guys and girls on the great work. This is definitely not all of the accomplishments.

Discuss your thoughts on what you've accomplished or what CF 27:17 has meant to you so far in the comments.

Remember: Proverbs 27:17 "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another"
Keep pushing each other guys and we'll all continue to amaze each other with the results.

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