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Friday, December 4, 2009

Official Rules for Paleo Challenge

Starting December 7th will be the first day of the challenge. Here are the official rules for the 30 day challenge.

1. Take a before and after picture. Either you can take this own your own or I can take it at the gym. It can be from knees to chest or full body, either is fine.

2. Take measurements around abdomen region (belly button). I will be taking these at the gym Monday and Tuesday of next week, so that there will be a standard on the measurements.

3. Weigh-in at the gym, again for a set standard on the scale.

4. Keep a detailed food log- everything you put in your mouth goes in this log. (this will be checked more than just at the end of the challenge)

Judging will come a little bit from the food log but emphasis on inches lost and weight lost (percentage)

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