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Monday, December 21, 2009

Performance Logs/Christmas and New Years schedule/Monday's WOD

The new performance logs are in, make it easier on your self to keep up with your stats. These books have all the named workouts/benchmark lifts listed in the back and some nutrition information and more!

This week and next week will have the same schedule which is: Monday-Wednesday normal schedule, Thursday 7, 8, and 9 o'clock classes, Friday and Saturday No class.

Monday's WOD
A. Over Head Squat @ 32x0; 3 x 5 sets; rest 120 sec
B1. BB Fwd Lunges @ 20x0; 5/leg x 3; rest 90 sec
B2. Push Press @ 20x0; 5 x 3 sets; rest 90 sec
C1. Knees to Elbow 10 x 3 sets; rest 60 sec
C2. Ring Push Ups @ 20x0; amrap x 3; rest 60 sec

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