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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The CrossFit Games Open @ CF 27:17

Ok guys and gals, a lot of you have had questions about the CrossFit Games Open Qualifier. I'll try to answer most of them here, if you have any others please feel free to comment or ask me in person.

What is it? It's the first round of qualifiers for the CrossFit Games (the big show that you may have seen on ESPN) We will have 5 workouts announced on Wednesday night for 5 weeks. The workout must be completed by Sunday evening of that week. You can video your workout and do it on your own or you can do it at an affiliate with a judge. You will submit your score and I (the affiliate owner) will verify your score each week.

Do you need to sign up? It depends I'm not going to say EVERYONE needs to sign up b/c I don't think that is the case. Yes, it would be cool to have 30 people sign up BUT I'm more concerned with the health of our gym. We WILL do the wod's each week on Thursday during class, but we will NOT be doing the Rx'd just b/c it's the CF Games Open like last year. If you need to scale it then we'll scale it, no shame in that. If you have any desire to compete EVER in this or a more local event (Garage Games) then I would recommend signing up just for the experience.

When are we doing the WOD's? Each person must have a judge for the WOD's. I want there to be good crowd's to cheer everyone on. The more people involved, the more energy will be in the gym to make those of us competing push a little bit harder.
That being said, the wod's are announced on Wednesday night so I think the best time to do them will be Friday night or Saturday morning. If you can't make either of these times then we'll set up a separate time for you to do it during a class.

Saturday morning is when I will be doing the workouts each week. Hopefully this will be a good time for everyone. We will still have class on Saturdays, but the schedule may change a little week by week. We may even do a cookout or something after the last workout just to have a little fun.

So if your free, plan on coming to the gym each Saturday (for the month of March) to support the competitors and/or help judge. This weekend there will NOT be class at the gym unless you need to do the Open wod in which Clovis will be there. After this weekend, we will have the big show on Saturdays!

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