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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Tester to be done thursday or friday if you miss thursday!

10 rounds for time
4 Burpees
6 KB Swings, 70/53#
8 Wall Ball, 20/14#

*goal is sub 10 and it's going to hurt

-This is designed to be an aerobic tester meaning the reps are low so you should be able to move through these movements for 10 rounds without breaking. Obviously, not everyone will be able to do that which means it won't be an AERobic tester for everyone, but that's ok. We'll retest it later and see how our aerobic engine has improved.

*Side note- This type of workouts need to be feeling really good by the Open Qualifier if you're looking to qualify for the games. Your aerobic engine has to be set as your base and from now on you must start building your LACTATE ENDURANCE engine in order to peak sometime during the open, IF your main goal is just to make it to regionals that is. If you're wanting to peak for the Regionals with assuming you're going to make it through the Open without being in tip top shape then you have more time to build that Lactate endurance engine.

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