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Monday, July 13, 2009

Fight Gone Bad

1 minute of each exercise
Wall Ball
Sumo Dead Lift High Pull
Box Jumps
Push Press
Rest 1 minute and repeat 2 more times


  1. Tyler and I decided to do task priority instead of time priority, 20 reps on each instead of 1 minute of each, still resting 1 minute after each round.
    Rd 1: 4:25, Rd 2: 5:25, Rd 3: 6:10, Total 16:03
    Hit a wall half way through the 3rd round.
    That equals a score of 300 on normal FGB, and sucked real bad!

  2. Wow... Impressive Mac. You are an animal.

    As RX'd:

    Wall Ball - 30, 24, 24
    Sumo Dead Lift High Pull - 21, 14, 16
    Box Jumps - 17, 17, 12
    Push Press - 15, 12, 13
    Row Cal Burn - 17, 10, 16

    Total: 258

  3. well done sir, not too far behind, only difference is 10lbs on the sumo's and 10lbs on the push press. 258 is a very good score for your first performance at FGB!

  4. Clark, I think you need to look into professional rowing.

  5. Mcelroy and I actually did.

    With a little more training i think i could be on the concept 2 record board...

    World Records: 500m
    1:13.7 Bernhard Pfaller
    1:23.7 Estevao Pape

    Too bad rowing is absolutely miserable in every way.

  6. ....hate I missed this one!!!