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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Anaerobic Alactic Training + Skill to Aerobic

Anaerobic Alactic training is something we haven't hit yet since I've been doing the wod reports on here and explaining the wod's. The anaerobic alactic energy system is similar to anaerobic lactic system but the Alactic means withOUT lactic acid (aka not as painful!). This will be very short burst of work with plenty of rest, will feel very similar to strength work!
Plus a little finisher of some skill work and a touch of conditioning.

5 sets; rest 2:30 min
3 heavy Push Press
6 Box Hurdles (box jump w/ step down if you can not squat your bodyweight)
rest 2 min
Max rep HSPU
Run 1 mile @ 80%

It is not safe to do jumping plyometrics such as box hurdles without the muscle strength to squat your bodyweight (if I weight 170lbs I need to be able to squat at least 170lbs). We will be a little more strict on this in the future to help protect from injury.

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