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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

MAP + Skill

This is a MAP training session (max aerobic power) with some bodyweight skill at the end. Again the goal in MAP training is sustainable out put. Throwing some weights in the mix helps you challenge those movement when your pretty fresh then get into some aerobic activity. Once you get to the last 3rounder then your just getting some good skill practice in when your tired on those movements (fatigue based training). Have fun with it and work on that breathing.
I'm giving you the freedom to chose your cyclical activity, although I may offer suggestions!

3 set; rest 2 min
10 Hang Power Snatch
Run/airdyne/row/jump rope 90 seconds
rest 2 min
3 sets; rest 2 min
10 heavy russian KB Swings
run/airdyne/row/jump rope 90 seconds
rest 2 min
3 sets; no rest
10 push ups
10 sit ups
10 box jumps

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