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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Strength + Skill

Strength work so go heavy on the squats and go to failure on the max reps! Practice double unders, focus on keeping the hands low, stand tall, get a good controlled bounce not a big JUMP. I want you to be able to sneak up one someone when you're doing double unders! Quiet feet!

A1. Front Squat @ 32X2 (watch clock for tempo, don't count in your head!); 5 x 4-6 reps; rest 20 sec (go up in weight EVERY time no questions asked unless you don't get 4 reps, if you only get 3 it's ok don't go down just try again next set!)
A2. Ring Dips- 5 x AMRAP (if you can't do them unassisted then do 30 seconds worth of negatives); rest 3 min
10 min Practicing Double Under
If you're good at them practice high rep unbroken sets. ex. do as many unbroken sets of 30 in 10 min

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