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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How strong are you mentally?

1/2 Kelly
5 rounds
Run 200m
15 Unbroken Wall Ball
15 Unbroken Box Jumps

This is half the reps and distance of "Kelly" BUT it has to be all unbroken! You know you can do this b/c you've done twice the reps. Break through a new mental barrier today, doing things unbroken us a huge benefit and time and building work capacity. Learn about your own pacing and tolerance for pain. This IS for time so make sure you go FAST but also don't start the movement until you KNOW you can get 15 straight. It's simple make up your mind and once you start DO NOT STOP!!! Good Luck guys

Not sure yet... going to Tuscaloosa to train with those guys I'll update tonight!

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