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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Black Box Summit Day 2

BBS day 2 has ended and my head is now spinning with ideas (and confusion). The guys here are so intelligent and enlightening on their experiences. We discussed training templates, addressing weaknesses, olympic lifting, etc.
To conclude the day we had a great round table discussion with all the coaches (teaching BBS) where the affiliates were able to ask questions. As you can see in the picture, this was when we were addressing weaknesses and all of that on the board is about this topic (a lot more to it than I thought!)

Team WOD at the end of the day was in groups of 4:
2 run 800m while other 2 do max rep pullups until the runners get back
2 doing pullups go for the run and the runners do pullups
those to finish the run and the 2 doing pullups head for their 2nd 800m run
while the other two start max rep 225lb dead lifts til the others get back
next is the same process with wall ball.

For time and reps.

Pretty brutal but not too terrible. My team got 3rd!

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