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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Paleo Nutrition Discussion Tuesday

I'll be having a paleo discussion tuesday night starting at 7:45. Everyone needs to try to make it to this, it will be just a brief over view of the diets and then open for discussion. We will be having these once a month at the gym from now on. Future meetings will discuss a specific part of nutrition and/or weight loss. Please come and learn about the diet and other new things going on at the gym.


  1. Hey!
    Its crunch time for me at my self defense school (getting tested Saturday), so I can't miss this week's evening classes...will you be posting the minutes/notes for those that can't make it?

  2. I'll definitely post some notes and maybe even record it although it won't be too detailed. Remind me that your testing saturday, you may want to come m-w-th instead of friday.