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Friday, November 20, 2009

Black Box Summit Day 1

First day of the BBS is over and it was incredible. There is a wealth of information to be learned out here from all of the top trainers (including Tony Budding, Dave Castro, Jolie Gentry, and Freddy from HQ attending the seminar). The speakers have a ton of information on the industry from many different perspectives. Each topic covered is covered by at least 2 people to give a couple different sides of the topic which is very interesting. This allows us (the affiliates) to take what we think will work for us and use it to our advantage.

The topics we covered today were: CrossFit Brand Name in the Fitness Industry
Introduction of new clients
Striving for Excellence in your gym & programming
The importance of quality of our product
The importance of women in the CF Box

I learned a lot that we will be implementing soon especially with the quality of training and hopefully some stuff with the importance of CF women.

Check out for some short video's and pics of the BBS it will be updated during the day every hour or so with new pics and video's if you're interested.

Can you see me?

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  1. Awesome! I felt the same way. A post will be up at, this morning, explaining the marvelous experience of the Black Box Summit from my perspective. I have only been training CrossFit community since 2008 but I have only been "in the community" since May of 2009. What a difference six months have made! Get ready for an amazing day two!

    Web Smith
    Editor and Contributor,