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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This is the back wall of CrossFit Central. Very important things to understand and good to be looking at these things every day. If you have any questions about any of these things please ask.

Have a great thanksgiving everyone and look forward to a Paleo Nutrition talk next week. Nutrition is key for seeing results in your training so I hope all of you attend this meeting to learn how to get your diet dialed in. Until then train hard and eat clean!


  1. Is there anything that focuses on the psychological side of training/weight loss? I think the knowing of how to work hard and what to eat is important, but understanding how one thinks can play a big role in their success. What triggers the bad eating? Why a client won't push themselves past their comfort zone? How can the dynamic and involvement of a community setting impact 'non-athelete' clients to surpass their goals and expectations? Are there any philosophies given to draw upon, within the Crossfit edicts?

  2. Alex, good question and the psychological aspect of CrossFit/training/weight loss is very important. There is a lot to understanding the pain and your body on how hard to work and push your body and we will probably have a 1 hour meeting discussing CF pain soon.
    As for the diet there is also a lot to that which like you said goes into understanding the client. This would require a personal consultation with me which I would be glad to meet with anyone (I think everyone needs this) to help them with their nutrition/weight-loss. Weight-loss has many elements even beyond nutrition; stress levels, rest, etc. All of this needs to be taken into account when designing a program. Again, next week we will be having a paleo discussion and I will go farther into this so I hope everyone can make it to that.