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Monday, November 23, 2009

This is James Fitzgerald and me at BBS. This is the guy who has been writing my training program on the optimum performance blog. He is truly a genius when it comes to exercise physiology and nutrition. He gave a talk on CrossFit Pain that got a standing ovation at Black Box Summit. He is an inspiration to the CrossFit Community and the Fitness Industry as a whole. I would highly advise checking out his blog frequently and search for some of his youtube video's of him training.
This guy has been a mentor for me over the past year without even knowing it. After meeting him he is even more of a mentor because he honestly cares about people's health (even his internet clients that pay him nothing). Who is your mentor and what have they taught you?

James has taught me that there is a lot more to training than just throwing random workouts at you. You must have a goal with every WOD I program and even every movement. He's taught me that I am selling Fitness/Health and not just CrossFit.


  1. Solid post. A true Icon and pioneer in the fitness industry.

    As I've mentioned before to many of you... To succeed and surpass you must embrace the pain felt in these workouts. Expect it and defeat it... for it will be back to fight again. Only each time... the pain is a bit more.

    This is a lifestyle... make the effort you put into your workout the same you put into your daily life. Be it diet, hobby, work, or any other outlet... Give it your best shot because you only have one.

  2. Michael,
    You'll have to tell me about the Robb Wolf thing, I couldn't open the link to it..and I don't feel like "be-friending" some girl I don't know on FB.
    If he is fired, can we still get certified under him..or is Xfit waiting to get another nutritionist?

  3. Go to and you can read it all there. They are trying to get another person to do the seminar's but I would not replace him, the guy is a genius and not only has been studying this but also working with clients (two different things by far) for years. I think he is going to continue to do seminars they just won't be CF certs which is fine b/c it will still be the best information out there. I plan to try to get him down here as soon as possible but I know he wants to finish his book first.