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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How bad do you want it?

How bad do you want it?
Are you happy with the results your getting? If not question what you're doing. Why do I train this way? What is my motivation? Do I really want to lose weight or do I just want to act like I do?
Fitness is just like anything else "good" in life. Good things are not easy to come by. Fitness is definitely a good thing. There is nothing that will give someone what as much confidence and joy than knowing they are fit, other than the love of Christ Jesus. Just like the love we get from Christ Jesus did not come easy neither does fitness. This is what my motivation is, I know what Jesus did for me and suffered for me so every time I go through a workout I try to think about the suffering that took place the day Christ died for OUR sins. Not only was it a disgustingly painful physical death but also mentally, Christ took on ALL of our guilt, can you imagine what that felt like?
So, in saying that, fitness is no exception. It takes work, dedication, discipline, and consistency. You can not give 70% in the gym and do NOTHING outside the gym and expect to be fit. It takes 110% effort in the gym and 110% effort outside of the gym (nutrition).
The paleo challenge starts tomorrow- we will take measurements, weigh, and do a benchmark WOD which starts today to guarantee that everyone gets it in. The winner will receive a free month of training. Last time we had only 3 people complete the challenge and guess what, all 3 had great results! Lets see if we can get the majority of the gym to complete the 30 day challenge which will end on May 15.
Also, the training template is going to change a little bit. I will most always have a strength wod, metcon wod, and endurance wod. The metcon will ALWAYS be done in the class, majority of the time strength portion will be required and sometimes endurance will be required BUT if you want to get better and your strength or endurance you have the option to do it every day you come in.
One last thing- if you have a specific goal to accomplish such as a ring dip, pull up, double under, etc. It takes specific work. There are too many movements in CrossFit to expect to get much better at any one skill just by my programming. This is where the extra work comes in. If you don't have a pull up and you want one you need to be working on them EVERY SINGLE time you come in the gym.
If anyone needs any help on how to improve a certain thing please ask, it's my job and it's what I love doing so please let me help.

Good Luck!

Client WOD
5 Rounds
Run 400m
30 Box Jumps, 24/20"
30 Wall Ball, 20/15# 10ft target


A1. Press @ 85% (180) x 2 x 3
@ 65% (135) x amrap x 1
A2. KB Swings x 21 x 3
Assistance work on posterior chain/core work
Hand Stand Walking practice

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